One day I decided to take a trip in Buenos Aires (the city where I live). After giving notice to relatives and friends that I was leaving town, I packed some things and left. For about a month, I slept in different hotels every day, touring through the city as if I had never been there. I visited cathedrals, parks, iconic sites and monuments. I travelled by bus and taxi, I walked. I used a guide, a map, I asked where a street was, tried the typical food, bought souvenirs, called my parents to let them know I was fine, learned the names of trees, took many photos, and penned down everything I saw so as not to forget a thing. All the places that had always been there seemed to appear for the first time, but as the memory of something. 

Local Tourism It’s a video based in the trips I took around Buenos Aires, the images are from the interiors of the hotels where I stayed, and the texts are extracted from the journal I kept during the trip.

. Local Tourism

. Digital video

. 9' 16''

. 2004-2007

. C-Photographs

. variable sizes

. 2004-2007

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During the trip I kept a diary where I took notes and made inventories of found objects, trees and conversations with unknown people, following the narrative pattern of a cinematographic script which I later edited as a postcard and mailed to acquaintances, friends and family from the hotels where I was staying describing my own city, as if it were from a very distant place.

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