2000- 2005   .  Fine Arts at The National University of Arts (UNA), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1999- 2000   .  Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design, London, UK.










2020  . Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, New York, USA.

2019  . Creation Grant from the National Fund for the Arts, Argentina.

2016  . Bicentennial Grant from the National Fund for the  Arts, Argentina.

          . LowRes Jerusalem, Art Cube Artists' Studios Grant, Jerusalem, Israel.

          . Swatch Art Residency Fellowship Program, Shanghai, China.

2015  . Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant, New York, USA.

          . POLIN Museum Program of Artistic Residencies, Warsaw, Poland.

          . Wolo Artist Residency, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2012  . Sapporo Artist in Residency Award, Sapporo, Japan. 

2010  . Gyeonggi Creation Center. Fellowship for Residency Studio Program. South Korea.

          . Residencia Batiscafo-Triangle Arts Trust. La Habana, Cuba.

          . Hotel MariaKapel, International Residency Programme Grant, The Netherlands

2009  . Taipei Artist Village. Fellowship for International Residency Program. Taipei, Taiwan

2008  . CentralTrack, The University of Texas at Dallas Artists Residency, Dallas, TX, USA


2020  . PremioTrabucco “Otros soportes” FundaciónKlemm, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2019   . AcquisitionPrice “National Presidency”to the 3rd Best work of the National

             Salon of Visual Arts. CasaNacional del Bicentenario, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

           . Honourable Mention LOOP Discover International Video Art Award. Antigua

             Fábrica Damm, Barcelona, España.

            . Honourable Mention CINE.AR fromthe National Institute of Cinema                      

              and Audiovisual Arts atthe International Film Festival from La Plata, Argentina.

2018  .  2nd Prize Itau Visual Arts Award, Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, Buenos Aires.

            . 2ndPrize International VideoFestival NodoCCS, Caracas, Venezuela.

2017  . 1st Prize ArtexArte Photography Award, Luz y Alfonso Castillo Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

           . 2nd Prize Visual Art Awards from the National Fund for the Arts, Argentina.

           . 3rd Prize FILE Video Art Award, Sao Paulo, Brasil.

           . 3rd Prize FIVA International Video Art Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2016  . 1st Prize International Biennial of Video Art from Puebla, México.

          . 2nd Prize  Moving Image Biennial BIM, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

          . Honorable Mention, FIVA International Festival of Video Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina

          . Honourable Mention Audiovisual Arts Award,  Category: Short films, National

             Funds for the Arts,  Argentina

2015  . 1st Prize, Autonomy of the judiciary Photography Award, Buenos Aires.

          . 2nd Prize, XIX Klemm Foundation Award for Visual Arts, Buenos Aires

          . Acquisition Prize, Biennial of the Frontiers, Tamaulipas, México.

2014   . Honorable Mention XVIII Klemm Foundation Award for Visual Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2013   . Honourable Mention at the Bahía Blanca Biennale, Bahía Blanca, Argentina

2012   . 1st Prize at The Latin American Video Art Festival, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

           . Honorable Mention at the International Painting Award at the Guasch Coranty Foundation, 

             Barcelona, Spain.

2011   . Honorable Mention Petrobras Award, Buenos Aires Photo.

2010   . Honorable Mention at the National Painting Award of The National Bank of Argentina.

            . 1st Prize “Luchadores silenciosos” Photography book edited by Papers.

2009   . 1st Prize 4th UADE National Painting Award, MOCA, Buenos Aires.

2008   . 1st Prize for young artist at the Central Bank National Painting Award

              National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires.

            . Honorable Mention, Banco Provincia Painting Award 2008

2007   . 3rd Prize (Painting), National Salon of Fine Arts 2007.

           . 3rd Prize (Video) Mac Awards Digital Paradigm.

           . Honorable Mention, Banco Provincia Painting Award 2007

           . Honorable Mention, Young Painters Salon Hebraica Foundation

2006   . 1st. Prize for Metropolitan Region Argentinean Prize of Visual Arts 2006, Fundación OSDE.

2005   . 3rd Prize Premio Fundación E-com/Ecléctica

2004   . 1st Prize Premios AAGA (Argentinean Association of Art Galleries)

           . 2nd Prize Premio PROyecto A 3rd Edition.

2003   . 3rd Prize Premios AAGA a las Artes Visuales, Centro Cultural Borges

            . 2nd Prize Premios Arte-Dante 2003 - DanteAlighieri Center.

2000    . 1st Prize Continuity and Art, Alvear Palace Hotel. Curator: Ruth and Orly Benzacar


2019 . Landscape for aperson Centro Cultural San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2014 . 26 cases about the memory of a place, OSDE Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2013 . El baqueano, Fundación Santander Creativa, Santander, Spain.

2012 . Commute Portraits: Sapporo, Plantation Gallery, Sapporo, Japan.

2011 . El Baqueano , 713 Arte Contemporáneo Art Gallery , Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2009 . Sistema de caminos , 713 Arte Contemporáneo Art Gallery, Buenos Aires.

2009 . Commute-Portraits , Centraltrak, the University of Texas at Dallas Artists

            Residency. Dallas, Texas. USA .

2007 . Escena de regreso, 713 Arte Contemporáneo Art Gallery, Buenos Aires.

2006 . Expedición 180 (Ramal 155) La Casona de los Olivera, Buenos Aires.



. Lichter Art Award, Curated by Saul  Judd at basis e.v. Frankfurt, Germany

. Premio Trabucco  otros soportes , Academia Nacional  de Bellas Artes/ Fundación Klemm, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

. Becoming Future, Curated by Iole  Pellion at Recontemporary, Turin, Italy.

. ¿Sin color? Curated by Miacaela Bianco at OSDE Foundation, BA,Argentina.


. LOOP Discover International Video Art Award. Curated by Gisella Chillida Espinosa,     

Coventde Sant Agustí, Barcelona, Spain.

. 108National Salon of Visual Arts, CasaNacional del Bicentenario, BA, Argentina.

. Jerusalem Biennale, “From nearand far away” curated by Ewa Chomicka,  Jerusalem.

. Cinema Urbana, “Buildings Memories”. Museu Correios,Brasilia, Brasil.

. IVAHMInternational Video Festival,Museo C.A.V. La Neomudejar, Madrid, Spain.

. DOBRA Film Festival, Museum of ModernArt, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

. MostraStrangloscope International Exhibition of Experimental Video and Performance, CentroIntegrado de Cultura, Florianopolis, Brasil.

. Arquiteturas Film Festival, Lisboa, Portugal.

. ExiS Experimental Film Festival, Korean Film Archive, Seoul,South Korea.


. ¿Qué hacer? Biennale of the Moving Image BIM, Center ofContemporary Art-

Muntref, BuenosAires, Argentina

. InternationalVideo Festival NodoCCS, Cerquone Projects, Caracas, Venezuela.

. Ultra Cinema, oficial selection, Xalapa, Veracruz, México.

. DOC BuenosAires-Artists Films, curated byEduardo Stupia at The Museum of

Contemporary Artfrom Buenos Aires, Argentina.

. ContrasteSimultáneo, Fundación OSDE, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

. Desarme, curated by  Florencia Qualina at F.J. Klemm Foundation, BA, Argentina.

. FundaciónGuasch-Coranty International Painting Prize, Barcelona, Spain.

. Arte Ba atGinsberg Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

. Balkan Can Kino,  Athens,Grecia.

. Itaú Award, curated by Adriana Lauría, Casa Nacional delBicentenario, BA, Arg.


. Experimenta India International Film Festival, Bangalore,India.

. This Human World, InternationalFilm Festival for Human Rights, Vienna, Austria.

. FIVA International Video Art Festival, Buenos Aires,Argentina.

. Juan Downey Award at 13 Biennial of NewMedia National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile.

. FUSO 2017, Lisboa, Portugal.

. Golden TreeInternational Documentary Film Festival Official Selection,Frankfurt,Germany

. ColecciónCurated by Eduardo Medici, Fundación Alfono y Luz Castillo, BA, Arg.

. Visions du Reel Film Festival, Nyon, Suiza.

. Lebanese  International Biennale for Cinema and the Arts (BLICA) 2017 Niemeyer  International Competition, MAMAC, Byblos, Líbano. (Septembre)

UArt Curated by Thamar Ette at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.  

. This cityis indeed for me: Urban life and its place in contemporary documentary.   

AtZWAP, Bilbao, Spain

. EMAF European Media ArtFestival, Osnabruck, Alemania.

. BackUp Film Festival,Weimar, Alemania.

V Arte x Arte Photography Award, Luz and Alfonso Castillo Foundation,

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

. El Centro en Movimiento, Curated by Rodrigo Alonso at Centro Cultural Kirchner, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

. BORDES / BORDERS Curated by Othon Castaneda at the Mexican  Cultural Institute, Washington, DC,USA.

. ITAU Foundation Art Award, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires.

National Fund for the Arts Award for Visual Arts, Casa de Victoria Ocampo, Buenos Aires.


. Presence/Absence/Traces. Contemporary  artists on Jewish Warsaw. Curated by Ewa  Chomicka and Agnieszka Pindera. POLIN Museum, Warsaw, Poland.

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. CasaTomada,Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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. VER: Selección de obras audiovisuales latinoamericanas MAC / Museo de Arte  Contemporáneo, Santiago, Chile.

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. 12 Biennial of New Media “Hablar en lenguas” National Museum of Fine Art Santiago, Chile.

. Hacer con lo hecho curated by Federico Baeza and Sebastian Vidal Mackinson. Museum of Modern Art in Cuenca, Ecuador.

. BRAQUE Award 2015, Muntref Contemporary Art Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

. Biennial of the Frontiers, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Tamaulipas, México.

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. ROJAK, The Stage at Wolo , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

. CODEC Festival de Video y Creaciones Sonoras,DF, México.

. IV Biennial Arte xArte. Alfonsoand Luz Castillo Foundation, Buenos Aires. Arg.

. VER Latin American Audiovisual Creation. Mar Museum, Mar delPlata, Arg.

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2019 . Jerusalem Biennale, “Fromnear and far away” curated by Ewa Chomicka,   Jerusalem.2015 

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in Argentina, Brasil, Spain, USA, Canada, Poland, England, Taiwán and Japan.



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