The accumulated place

Kuala Lumpur. Cuatro lenguas oficiales, tres grupos étnicos predominantes, treinta años de construcción descabellada, puntos de referencia desapareciendo todo el tiempo.

A partir del relato y los recuerdos de distintos habitantes de la ciudad, The accumulated place atraviesa diferentes espacios en fuga, fracturados y superpuestos como capas geológicas.

Cómo se recuerda lo que desaparece constantemente?


Kuala Lumpur. Four official languages, three predominant ethnic groups, thirty years of deranged constructions over the city, points of reference being lost all the time.

Based on interviews I’ve conducted to the city inhabitants, The accumulated place goes though the landscape as a vanishing point, recalling the memories from geological layers.

How is possible to remember what is being disappearing?

. The accumulated place

. 2 channel HD video and photographs

. 16’ 06’’

. 2015

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Installation view 

The Stage Gallery

Kuala Lumpur, 2015.

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