3 ambientes a estrenar 

. 3 Rooms.Brand new, freshly painted.

After having a phone interview or directly attending to a place published by a newspaper ad, I searched constantly on a “2 rooms; freshly painted” pattern, for which I created a character and invented a story which serves as an excuse to be allowed to take the pictures in the place. This whole arrangement relates to the staging of situations created from the invention of a character, developing a performance out of the search for specific locations that enable me to reach certain places in the city, which would otherwise remain restricted.

This project is composed by different layers of representation about the same action:

. A hidden camera type of video about my visits to apartments for sale, in the character of someone who intends to acquire real estate. While the camera moves through the spaces, the salesman describes an empty place, filling it with possibilities and uses, and making use of diverse commercial strategies.

. A series of paintings of a large format about the empty apartment’s interiors. They are painted in different tones of white, using different brightness levels with a minimum contrast. I use industrial paint, acrylic and synthetic enamel. Taking the same action, I use painting to create a more abstract and symbolic level of representation.

. A series of photographs taken on site

. A Site specific installation that takes the formal aspect of the action of visiting apartments for rents and creates a fictitious scene folding the elements of the real spaces into the exhibition space

This project has been exhibited internationally and awarded including:

. Honourable Mention at The International Painting Award Guasch-Coranty Foundation in Barcelona, Spain (2012).

. Honourable Mention at the National Painting Award of Banco Nación in Buenos Aires, Argenitna (2010).

. 1st Prize at the National Painting Award UADE MOCA, Buenos Aires 2009.

. 1st Prize for Young Artist at the National Painting Prize Central Bank held at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires (2008).

. Honourable Mention, Banco Provincia Painting Award 2008.

. 3rd Prize at the National Salon of Fine Arts (2007).

. Honourable Mention, Banco Provincia Painting Award 2007.

. Honourable Mention, Young Painters Salon Hebraica Foundation 2006

. 1st. Prize Argentinean Award of Visual Arts 2006, Fundación OSDE.

. 3rd prize Premio Fundación E-com/ Ecléctica


. 1st Prize Premios AAGA (Argentinean Association of Art Galleries) 2004


De este proyecto se desprenden una serie de pinturas y fotografías, un video y una instalación site specific.

. 2AMB. COC.BÑO/COMLP.FRTE.BLACÓN, TODO A NVO.RECIÉN PINTADO.VER HOY DE 14 A 18HS, EXCELENTE UBICACIÓN: Serie de pinturas de gran formato de los interiores de los departamentos vacíos. Están pintadas en distintos tonos de blancos, generando un mínimo de contraste de valores y texturas.

Este trabajo recibió los siguientes premios:

. Mención de honor Premio Internacional de Pintura Fundación Guasch-Coranti, Barcelona, España, 2012.

. Mención de honor Premio Nacional de Pintura Banco Nación, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010.

. Primer Premio Salón Nacional de Pintura UADE, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2009.

. Primer Premio Jóvenes artistas Premio Nacional de Pintura del Banco Central, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes,  Buenos Aires (2008).

. Mención de honor, Premio de Pintura Banco Provincia, Buenos Aires, 2008.

. Tercer Premio Salón Nacional de Pintura, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, 2007.

. Mención de honor, Premio de Pintura Banco Provincia, 2007.

. Mención de honor, Premio de Pintura Jóvenes Artistas, Fundación Hebraica, 2006.

. Primer Premio Región Buenos Aires Salón de Pintura Fundación OSDE, 2006.

. Tercer Premio Fundación E-com/Ecléctica, 2005

. Primer Premio Premios AAGA, Asociación Argentina de Galerías de Arte, 2005.













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