140 is a bus line in Buenos Aires. This bus takes a very long route crossing the whole city and it is used by thousands of people every day.

Expedition Project are Guides designed to travel by bus. Each Expedition has a bus line number corresponding to its itinerary and is proposed as a narrative to be followed along the route, where the same trajectory functions as a mobile stage.

The waypoints are given through photographs, drawings, historical data, narrations and fictions about specific places (There’s also audio guides for some routes)

The main goal is that these guides are used to travel by bus, watching the landscape through the window. 

If you'd like to received a guide so you can use it, please contact me and I'll be happy to send you one!

Installation showing the guide for the 140 Expedition including postcards from the route, a moss map, a video, some notes from passengers, drawings and the soundtrack.

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